Immune Repertoire Analysis

Target enrichment sequencing

Target enrichment sequencing (TES) is a robust and straightforward approach to reliably sequence exomes or other regions of interest in the genome.

GeneWerk has streamlined this approach for comprehensive and cost-effective TCR and BCR analysis.

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TCR or BCR chain analysis

TES relies on target-specific RNA baits to capture cDNA fragments of interest. We employ bait sets optimized to account for V, J and C gene sequence homologies to enable the simultaneous capture of all TCR (α, β, γ, δ) or BCR (κ, λ, α, ε, γ, μ, δ) chains in a single reaction. Enrichment in TCR and BCR molecules is achieved through bait capture followed by deep sequencing. Our dedicated bioinformatics pipelines for immune repertoire analysis provide accurate insights into immune repertoire diversity, dynamics, and clonality.

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Faster and more cost-effective than multiplex PCR

TES overcomes many of the disadvantages of multiplex PCR, the most widely used technology for immune repertoire analysis. In multiplex PCR, a mix of PCR primers is used for separate analysis of TCR and BCR. Due to the fixed nature of primers used, multiplex PCR cannot detect V allele variants. Moreover, due to amplification biases, multiplex PCR does not provide a true picture of the relative abundances of the different immune cell populations.

TES is currently the best-in-class approach for fast, cost-effective, and unbiased immune repertoire analysis and can be used for a w¬ide variety of applications such as minimal residual disease (MRD) detection after cancer treatment, identification of antigen-specific TCR/BCR, and monitoring of immune reconstitution.

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