Target Enrichment Sequencing (TES)

We offer partial or complete vector genome TES for integration site analysis

Target Enrichment Sequencing (TES) is a promising and relatively new technique for high-throughput, genome-wide integration site analysis. As a NGS-based approach, it provides both quantitative and qualitative information about vector integration sites, vector identification, and vector integrity. At GeneWerk, we offer partial or complete vector genome TES for integration site analysis.

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Combining the power of NGS with customized bioinformatics 

Our TES workflow combines the power of next-generation sequencing with tailored bioinformatics analysis to provide comprehensive and quantitative measurements to our clients, including copy number, integration frequency and site, and vector integrity and rearrangement.

Simultaneous multiparameter analysis from a single reaction

The results of vector genome TES yield information on clonality of integration sites, quantitative individual clonal contributions and vector genome stability. The additional enrichment of cellular subgenomic DNA regions in parallel to vector sequences further allows the determination of vector copy number (VCN) in the analyzed DNA samples without an additional qPCR step.

We recommend TES particularly when you want to analyze vector stability in more detail as it provides information about the whole vector sequence rather than just a part of it.

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