Repertoire Analysis

Adaptive immune response

Adaptive immune response generates T cell and B cell receptors (TCRs and BCRs) which together comprise an organism’s immune repertoire.

Immune repertoire analysis has a wide range of applications including cancer diagnosis and treatment, gene therapy development and infectious diseases.

High-throughput technologies have emerged which allow comprehensive monitoring of the immune repertoire over time.

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Customized and high-throughput immune repertoire analysis

Over the years, several techniques have been developed to analyze immune repertoires. Although we have progressed from low-throughput to high-throughput analysis techniques, several challenges remain. Streamlined experimental pipelines for unique applications and customized bioinformatics tools for data analysis remain underdeveloped.

At GeneWerk, we offer PCR- and target enrichment sequencing-based approaches for customized, high-throughput and simultaneous analysis of T cell and B cell receptors from a wide range of sample input material.


We offer target enrichment sequencing (TES) as a robust, fast, and cost-effective approach for the analysis of TCR or BCR chains from the same input material.

  • Unbiased NGS-based approach – no PCR bias
  • Simultaneous capture of all TCR and BCR chains
  • Customized data analysis to reveal repertoire diversity, dynamics and clonality
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At GeneWerk, we offer Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends (RACE)-PCR combined with switch-oligo nested PCR as an alternative to TES to amplify and sequence the entire immune repertoire from limited sample material.

  • Switch oligo-based technology – next-generation sequencing with reduced primer bias
  • Accurate immune repertoire quantification through unique molecular identifiers
  • High sensitivity at reduced sample inputs
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