GenoSafe and GeneWerk bundle their strengths

Both companies work together in the field of gene and cell therapies

GenoSafe and GeneWerk announced a collaborative framework agreement. Both companies will work together within the field of development of chemical, biotechnological and biological products. The aim is to complement the expertise of the partner to optimize response to client requests for expert evaluations.

“We are very pleased to announce this active collaboration with GeneWerk. In the booming gene and cell therapy field, both companies will bring their respective expertise to meet the increasing demands from customers and regulatory authorities,” said Vincent Zuliani, Business Development Director of GenoSafe.

“GeneWerk feels honored to bring its expertise into this exciting multidisciplinary partnership. Together we can efficiently help our customers in evaluating their innovative concepts to clinical translation,” said Dr. Manfred Schmidt, CEO of GeneWerk.


GenoSafe SAS is a Contract Research 0rganization which specializes in evaluating the quality, safety and efficacy of innovative biotherapeutic products.  The company assists clients with customized services all along the development of their product, from the proof of concept through to market launch.

GeneWerk GmbH provides unique worldwide experience in assessing vector safety and efficacy in gene therapy and immune repertoire studies, bioinformatics, Next Generation Sequencing and associated regulatory demands.  

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