Dr. Wei Wang

Head of Business Development

Wei Wang, PhD., is the Head of Business Development at GeneWerk and has more than 15 years of vector safety assessment and clinical oncology research experience.

More about Dr. Wei Wang

He is overseeing company strategic development, customer engagement, and sales & marketing activities. Prior to the business development role in GeneWerk, he was leading the research and development department in GeneWerk, and as Project Head in several national and international gene therapy orphan drug clinical trials focusing on vector safety assessment; he also supervised numerous analytical assay development projects to fulfill the customer requirement and specifications.

Wei graduated from the University of Heidelberg with a Diploma of Molecular Biology, and he completed his Doctoral degree and post-doctoral training in the German Cancer Research Center and National Center for Tumor diseases Heidelberg, Germany.

Currently Wei is candidate of Executive MBA at Mannheim Business School, with focusing on business and market development, strategical planning and cooperate development.

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